When a regular shipment becomes an urgent one, we make time our best ally. We know the challenges, design tailor-made solutions, work with precision and solve fast.

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From the production line to one’s destination. We make absolutely sure each component gets where its meant to be, as urgently and trustworthy as the sector demands.

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From specific components to giant turbines. We have a global specialists team dedicated to meet all this sector requirements with quality and skill.

Care and reliability

The highest quality standards demanded by this industry. We design and commit special solutions for transporting and taking charge of health care products.

Time and experience

We can design tailor-made solutions to contribute to superb supply chain operations.

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Frequently Asked


Does Europartner Group grant credit for Critical Cargo shipments?

Europartner Group’s clients are granted 30 days of credit for basically all Critical Cargo solutions; the only exception goes to Air Charter services. If this is the one that best fits your needs, when you confirm the contract, you must ask your account executive for a special credit authorization for this service. If you’re not Europartners Group’s client yet, payment must be in cash. Nevertheless, you’re more than welcome to become a client. Contact us.

What information must I provide to select a Critical Cargo service?

Since our priority is to make your life easy on critical times, we only request a few essential info to start working:
. Origin city and country
. Destination city and country
. Number of packages, with weight and dimensions (even if only estimated)
. Day and time when the cargo will be ready for collection
. The day the cargo must be delivered.

– Origin: Detroit, MI, U.S.
– Destination: Queretaro, Mexico.
– 3 boxes, 20 pounds each, around 16″ X 8″ X 5″.
– Cargo is ready to be collected.
– Must be delivered the next day, before noon.

Could we think about a critical cargo project in advanced
(or long- term critical cargo shipments), so we can negotiate flat rates?

Critical Cargo solutions are usually designed at the moment they’re needed, so our talented experts can find the best solution available at that time. Nevertheless, there’s always the possibility to build projects in which we can collaborate with our clients observing a program, to guarantee solutions on specific routes and during limited time frames, always with Europartners Group fundamental concern of having dedicated teams available, for a stable budget.

What is Europartner Group’s Time Critical Cargo 24/7 Control Tower?

Europartner Group’s Time Critical Cargo 24/7 Control Tower is a service provided by an experienced team of consultants and executives perfectly organized between them, supported by the latest logistics’ technologies, to offer an exclusive experience involving the design and execution of critical services in a matter of minutes. Europartner Group’s 24/7 Control Tower can predict all possible scenarios and their combinations and build the perfect proposal according to the size of your project. During the event’s crucial moments, the team will be at your disposal, to give you the visibility and the control your need to make logistics a growth solution for your business, not a risk.

How can I contact Control Tower 24/7?

Phone: 01 800 CRITICAL (2748 4225)
WHATSAPP: +52 1 81 2099 7037
Office phone: +52 55 50905350 Ext. 811

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